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Raised with idols of Rock Music like Van Halen, Slash & Angus Young I always wanted to be a guitar player performing on stage. As a teenager I played in various Rock-Bands. As we grew up some fellows decided to skip music totally  and I had to find a way to express myself independently on my instrument.

It struck me when I heard Paco de Luzia and I got flashed of the extremely wide range of expressions you can do with this Flamenco-technic. It has a powerful rhythm and you can accompany the melody like on a piano. I studied all kind of Palos (Flamenco styles) and technics as I started to create Flamco- influenced instrumental songs. The songs combine my desire for playing Rock music with the incredible power of a Flamenco guitar.         

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What people say

“The Song is beautiful. It takes you through a journey of emotions… ”

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